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Professional Headshots Atlanta

About Steve Glass work as Atlanta headshot photographer and professional headshot photographer.

What is a headshot?

It is your hello to the world. It is your best opportunity to make a first impression.

A great business headshot greets the viewer with a warm, engaging, and approachable manner. It is your hello to the world. It should be just your face, neck, and some shoulders.

An acting headshot needs to be interesting and compelling. An actor's headshot needs to create a pause. Why should the casting director take note of you? It should be subtle yet interesting. 

A branding headshot or environmental portrait is an image that either places you in the context of what you do, or creates a vibe that portrays you in a lifestyle or mood. We can do this all "in camera" at your place of business or we can create a composite. A composite is where we shoot you in the studio and then replace the background in post production.