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Atlanta Portrait Photographer Steve Glass specializes in commercial and editorial portraits of all types. Sought after in both the business and acting community Steve strives to deliver quality throughout the entire process.

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Headshot Session 3 Finished Images

Brittany Robinett is an attorney for the Gwinnett County School District. I've awarded Brittany the coveted "May Model of the Month" award from Steve Glass Photography. She was so easy to work with. I kept shooting after I had what we needed just because it was fun.

I'm blogging her session because it's what one can accomplish with my 3 finished shots business session.

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Expression: The Perfect Headshot

What makes a great headshot? Expression! 

Warmth, confidence, and approachability. All my favorite headshots have those 3 elements to them. 
What should not be on your face is the things that amount to a pre-occupation with something other than your connecting with the viewer. In all my favorite portraits there's not the slightest hint of doubt in the gaze of the subject. What we often refer to as being hesitant or self concious. 
So why not practice?

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Headshots for Medical Residency Application

These are fun usually brief sessions for me. Folks like Nino Isakadze from Soviet Georgia come and see me this time of year. Our goal is just one killer headshot. The doctors, yes they are MDs when they enter residency, upload these shots to an online nationwide system. Medical Residents can land just about anywhere in the US. It was wonderful meeting Nino and getting to hear some of her story.

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