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Headshot Photography Atlanta

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Steve Glass specializes in commercial and editorial portraits of all types. Sought after in both the business and acting community Steve strives to deliver quality throughout the entire process.

Outdoor Headshots


Outdoor headshots are a great way for a company or individual to go. I find myself getting more and more of these requests. Outdoor shots do require more planning, rain dates, careful timing, sometimes moving the set-up mid shoot to keep up with the sun etc... Yet the end result seems to be worth it for many. It's a great way to get a consistent background without each background being identical. Just a slight variation in camera position in any direction produces a unique background. The sun's intensity and position also helps to vary the background. To me it is worth the extra time and effort. Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots Outdoor Headshots


Headshots and Waist Up Shots

When I am indoors this is always somewhat tricky because it depends on what light I use and how high the ceiling is in the location I'm shooting. But this is much less of a concern outdoors. Waist up shots are very simple and in fact full length shots are just as easy if you choose your location wisely. This is because there's no ceiling height to restrict the placement of the light. Nor is there a need for a fill light to light the subjects lower body especially when wearing a darker slacks. The only consideration on the full length shots is if you are standing on the parking lot. Even then we can change that in post-production if we plan wisely.  I highly recommend outdoor headshots for just about anybody. If you do them right they stay fresh a long time.


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