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Outdoor Headshots - One World

One-World Inc was founded in 2001 as a specialty provider of pharmaceuticals to address the unmet needs of international medical facilities, organizations and professionals.
Kristin Andree, thier marketing director, contacted me to do some headshots or their website.
Outdoor headshots are a great way to go for your corporate look. It's a way to get a consistent background with some texture and yet have a variance to it so each background is not exactly the same.
The other big advantage is in the lighting. The outdoor shot is using sunlight for most of the lighting. I am using a strobe light but just enough to fill in the eye sockets to keep from getting those "racoon eyes".
As with any setup there are some challenges. If you are in a high rise downtown with no balcony and your building security is uncooperative it may prove difficult. Even then we might find a nearby park to use. October is a great month for doing these outdoor headshots. It's nice and cool and generally the wind is calm in the mornings.