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Atlanta Portrait Photographer Steve Glass specializes in commercial and editorial portraits of all types. Sought after in both the business and acting community Steve strives to deliver quality throughout the entire process.

Professional Headshot Ed Baxter


Ed Baxter is a young entrepreneur entering the blogosphere soon. Ed was looking for a simple uncluttered professional headshot. He brought several shirts but when he showed up in the leather jacket I thought it was a great look for him. So that's what we went with for the majority of the shoot. I love the look of the jacket and I think it really makes the headshot pop. The look of the background is achieved in post production. The lighting is done in camera but the shoot was done on a gray sweep. So I added tint and texture in post. So the lighting and the density of the background is all achieved in camera. Until I can find or make a background like Annie Leibovitz uses I'll keep doing this in post production.Professional Headshot Ed Baxter Professional Headshot Ed Baxter Professional Headshot Ed Baxter Professional Headshot Ed Baxter Professional Headshot Ed Baxter

Professional Headshot

Ed Baxter came to me referencing another recent shoot I've done for a CEO. He wanted the same feel in terms of the background and lighting. He just wanted a looser more relaxed vibe to the shots. This is achieved in his clothing, posture, and expressions.

In some of the shots we used an apple box which is often used to sit on. In this case we used it as a prop to get his hands in frame. I really liked the end result. I darkened the box a good deal and added some texture to it.  I think the shot with the apple box could be the base shot of a whiskey advertisement given Ed's Scottish look and beard. I love the way the headshots came out and Ed was very pleased. It's a great idea for business people especially entrepreneurs to have their headshots done on a regular basis. If not yearly once every other or few years. Make it easy on your biographer to illustrate your biography when you  become rich and famous!

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