Steve Glass Photography
It's not your picture, it's your image.

Why Hire Steve?

Professional headshots are what I do. If you're looking for quality then give me a call and let's talk about your next project.


Why Hire Steve Glass Photography for your headshots?

Quality & Focus of Purpose

Quality is always my goal and headshots is what I do. I don't shoot weddings, houses, products, or other types of work. Headshots isn't extra income, it's my living. On site or at my studio, I want to put people at ease and let them now that I'm there for them. I am a portrait photographer who specializes in headshots. My skill sets converge in headshot photography. I love lighting, directing, retouching, and delivering the highest quality while seeking constant improvement. I'm really interested in your "best self". There's a healthy codependency that develops during a session that I think is necessary in every good portrait photographer. My headshots are used on company websites, brochures, annual reports, magazines, keynote slides and other collateral.


It's a game of inches. People are often surprised that I adjust the main light several times to get it right. A nervous office manager concerned with time will ask, "Will you do that with every person?" After witnessing the results of an inch or two people come to understand that I have their best interest in mind and that it's well worth the time. I'm focusing on the face. How the skin takes light and where to put the shadows. A cherished compliment once received was, "I like where you put the shadows." I'm contouring the face with light. There are different approaches to lighting. If you start with a 20-something fresh out of college you often can't go wrong. For the majority of us a thoughtful approach in lighting and shadow is magical.

Shooting Tethered & Direction

I always shoot "tethered" to a computer so we can see the images come in on a laptop. I bring the subject over to the laptop for a couple of reasons. Inevitably the subject hasn't seem themselves in great light shot with a great lens camera, with professional direction. All but the most insecure are encouraged immediately. The response is usually, "Hey that's not half bad!" Something to that effect. That's the confidence we build on as we work towards the "emotional triangle" of Warmth, Confidence, and Approachability. We dial those elements up and down according to your position and what the target audience is for the headshot. We talk about posture, expression, and how that relates to the intended audience for the headshot. We compare two takes side by side, talk about the differences. Direction is one of the chief components of a successful headshot photographer.


I enjoy using a variety of techniques to achieve different looks for various needs. There are three basic backgrounds. 1) Paper sweep, 2) Outdoor, and 3) Indoor Environment. This is worthy of it's own article and examples. I started in weddings, did some editorial, and still shoot for publications when the call comes. 


Selections are made apart from the session. I'd rather spend the time working with the subject. I want the subject to know that each take isn't so precious. We are not going for "the one" but that best take of them will happen as a result of our process. If they're trying to make a selection many people become too nervous and too critical. They can't relax enough. A frequent comment is, "Well I think we have a few things to choose from." That's always the case. Models will often tell me that the sound of the shutter is very reassuring. They know that they'll get another chance.

I use a service to create html galleries online. The url for each gallery is a long string of nonsense so it can't be found by accident on the internet. Galleries are private and require an email to enter. Once a subject or marketing person has access to the gallery a filtering mechanism helps them narrow down their choices.


Picture  cherished loved one who is older. When you think of them do you think of an errant hair somewhere? Do you picture their wrinkles or that an eyebrow is thin on one side? You don't, you have an impression of them. In my mind a portrait is the same. A photograph, now with 30, 40, or 50 megapixels being common, can be way too literal. It's not how we see people. A photograph is a most unfair. I'm looking to remove distractions, remove things that won't be there in a week anyway, blend skin tones, and present people in a manner that is respectful and recognizable. It starts with great lighting but the retouching brings it to a magazine quality. Your images can be used at any size. Even high gloss magazine inserts for trade magazines. 


This is my livelihood. Headshots are 90% of my business. It's like any other discipline you might think of. You can keep getting better and drilling down to the minutae to get a better result. The creative process is exponential. Getting your lighting just right, at just the right camera settings, continual improvement in directing, the latest retouching and committing to always improving. It adds up. Like business a few points gain in each area nets out great improvement. That's my desire, to deliver the best headshots in Atlanta or anywhere for that matter. I make my deadlines and I deliver the images in a convienent web size. But I also deliver the images at 300 ppi 15-inches on the long side for your print needs. Your headshots will look great at any size.