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Headshot Prices

Professional Headshot Cost. Steve Glass is an Atlanta based headshot photographer.

Headshot Prices

LinkedIn Session - $150

This is very simple and usually only takes 20 minutes. We are going for one great expression. You can bring multiple outfits to choose from but we shoot just one outfit. I'll retouch your favorite image and deliver it to you via Dropbox. 

ERAS - Medical Residency Headshot for ERAS application

ERAS - $150

 Headshot For Electronic Residency Application System for Medical Residency. This is just the LinkedIn session adjusted for the specific requirements for the ERAS system. Very simple session with a quick turn-a-round for your medical residency application. The headshot is formatted to the ERAS specifications and ready for uploading.

Additional Retouches for - $40.

Headshot Session - $225 - 3 Retouches

This session will accomodate 2 outfits with any combination of headshots and waist up shots for three finished images.

Headshot Session - $300 - 5 Retouches

 I include five retouched images in this package. We will do some sets shot from the waist and/or thighs up. Typically the session takes about an hour but I allot up to two hours. You can bring as many outfits as you like and we'll talk about them. We can shoot up to 4 outfits. I suggest shooting only 3 outfits. For most people shooting too many outfits is a distraction and takes away from how productive a session can be with less outfits. This session is for business people who might need print quality images for collateral, annual reports, or general marketing purposes.

Purchasing More Takes From Your Session

In sessions that include multiple retouches, you can purchase up to 30 developed images from the session for an extra $95. These will be delivered to you as jpgs in the sRGB color space 10 inches on the long side at 300 ppi. You can get these retouched through someone else or go to print with them. I talk about the difference between retouching and developing here.

Acting Session - $250

Personal Branding Photography

Usually around two hours. Includes 5 retouched images, you get all the images from the session. I develop all the images and deliver your top 40 selections developed. But I limit skin retouching to your 5 selections. The retouching on actors is much lighter than a business headshot. I include a simple comp card for models. As I stay in touch with actors who get work I'm amazed that it's usually the ones who wore a black t-shirt or some other simple top for all their headshots. It's a mistake to make too much of outfit changes. An acting session is about you meeting the viewers gaze with out a hint of being self conscious. It's like you're in a David Fincher series and you get to break that 4th wall and connect with the camera.

Branding Photography Projects - Starting at $500

A project is something atypical that doesn't fall into a simple category. It's usually a combination of a headshot session in my studio along with a location or environmental portrait that contextualizes what you do. Some examples would be a fitness instructor in the gym, a business person with a city view behind them. Often it's a matter of compositing images. We might shoot you in the studio then shoot a background image and put the two together in Photoshop. Compositing takes careful planning. The pricing depends on the complexity.

Corporate Headshots, Groups, & Candids - minimum $500: includes 4 subjects with retouching

I shoot about 40 to 50 of these jobs each year. The final cost depends on the number of employees and the type of shots you want. The minimum stated here is me in your conference room with a paper backdrop. If you have fewer employees I'm open to adding value by a group shot and/or possibly some candid shots to use as "custom stock" on your website.

When on site my process is the same as my studio. You can read about my process for location shoots here.