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What Is A Composite?

A composite is just "photoshopping" or combining images together to give the appearance of one seamless image. If you want an image of yourself that places you in a context this is an affordable way to go. The beauty of a composite is that it doesn't take much of your time. We shoot it during a headshot session or a dedicated session. You're not trying to get permission to use a location. You have two ideal pictures. It's the best possible shot of the environment and the best possible shot of you.  What you see in these samples, with the exception of Atlanta skylines, are images from iStock. For best results you should select your "backplate" first. The backplate is simply the base image. You don't have to get an account on a stock site. Just identify which image you want and I'll buy it on my account. The success of the composite is really a function of how well you marry the two images. That has to do with lighting and overall tone. We can shoot a location of your choosing to get a backplate. This isn't as easy as you might think though. If I call to secure a location there will be location fees and I charge a scouting fee because it takes a lot of time and venues will charge me. Atlanta is now part of the film industry and people know that their locations have value and charge accordingly. So this is a way to go for many.