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ERAS Headshots

ERAS headshots are a most important part of your career. Don’t trust your future to a cell phone or amateur headshot. Steve Glass has been doing headshots for over a decade. Your ERAS headshot will meet the exact specifications of the ERAS system.

ERAS Headshots

ERAS Headshots are delivered to the precise specifications of the ERAS system and ready to upload.

When you come to the studio we will view the images as they come into the computer. When we are confident of the best take we will select that take. Your work is done.

After the session I will retouch the image and then deliver you the image via email. Not only will you recieve the image in the ERAS format ready to upload to the system, but I will also include a print & web sized images of that take in a 8x10 crop that you can use however you like.

ERAS sessions with one retouch are $150.

Please fill out this form and send me your info so we can set up your appointment. You may call me directly as well at 770-374-6311.

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